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Welcome to Deer Island

We hope you enjoy your time here whether you rent or buy. Here are some things to know:

General info:  Please park only in the driveway; two cars maximum, additional parking is available in the trolley parking lot. Be sure to display your rental guest pass, if applicable; improperly parked vehicles and vehicles without a pass for a Deer Island address are subject to towing. Please turn off the outside lights when not in use and when you go to bed; it is kind to your neighbors and the wildlife. Consider taking the trolley around Sea Pines; it stops in Harbour Town and is a great way to get to the beach, parking at Sea Pines Beach Club is very limited. In order to keep the beauty of our neighborhood, please refrain from placing towels over the deck railings.  Christmas lights and other holiday decorations are allowed during the winter holiday season.  Because dates shift from year to year, the Board will announce a window for putting them up and taking them down.  Most importantly, please keep your pets on a leash and pick up after them; it is the respectful thing to do and their dropping can spread disease to other dogs and humans.

Pest control:  Pest control is on the second Monday of every month. 

Trash:  Trash pickup is on Monday and Thursday. A bungee cord or rubber tie-down is useful to help keep out animals. Please leave your trash in the designated area. They are required to provide backyard service

Recycling:  Recycling pickup is on Thursdays.  Please place your clean recyclables (no trash or bags) in the square green bin marked “Hilton Head Recycles”. Please leave your recycling bin in the designated area. They are required to provide backyard service.
Items Accepted in Recycling Carts for Pick-up:

  • Small Flattened Cardboard (examples: cereal boxes, six pack holders)
  • Magazines
  • Office Paper
  • Brown Paper Bags
  • Paper Cardboard, Dairy & Juice Containers
  • Paperboard
  • Envelopes and Junk Mail
  • Phone Books
  • Plastic Bottles, Containers and Caps (#1 - #7)
  • Glass Bottles and Jars
  • Aluminum Cans, Aluminum Foil, Pie Tins, Metal Jar Lids, Tin or Steel Cans
  • Newspapers

Recycling carts are to be used for recyclable material only. Please do not include food waste, films, plastic bags, plastic wrap, or foam cups and containers.

Exterior modifications:  All exterior modifications require an approval from the Deer Island Board.  Other approvals may be necessary as well.  Renters: contact your owners for how to accomplish this.  Owners:  login to the website for more information.    Approvals are required for:

  • roofing
  • lower level expansions
  • decking and handrails
  • window changes
  • walkways
  • fencing
  • driveways
  • painting
  • lighting
  • plantings
  • tree work (any removal and major pruning of trees or shrubs over ½” diameter)

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